Black Hat Sisterhood

So many pretties at Ostara's Altar which is open until April 3rd! Don't forget to have a little fun with the egg hunt as there are some really cool 5L prizes to find. The full listing of hunt prizes and exclusives can be found on the events page here

Bishy - In Black


Head - Catwa Catya
Skin - Misschevious Delora Skin @ Ostara's Altar
Ears - L'Etre Basic Mesh Ears
Eyes - Suicidal Unborn Aisling Eyes
Eyebrows - Okkbye Adumbrate Eyebrows
Lipstick - Bossie sugarcube lipsticks
Freckles - Bossie Cute Freckles
Eyes - Suicidal Unborn Aisling Eyes
Hair - Stealthic Siren [B&W]
Nails - Dark Passions Lagertha's Saga [Silve] @ Lootbox
Tattoo - The Little Bat Goddess Dermal & Tattoo Hunt Prize @ Ostara's Altar 5L


Dress - Oubliette Maia Dress @ Ostara's Altar
Rings - Yummy Dark Magic Ring Set
Septum - Zombie Suicide Syn Septum Piercing @ Ostara's Altar
Necklace - Reign Moon Crystal Necklace [Silver] 
Choker (bottom Layer) - Eclat (Maitreya) Velvet Choker 
Choker - Random Matter Behemoth Choker [Black/Silver] @ Lootbox
Bindi - Random Matter Behemoth Head Jewel [Silver] @ Lootbox
Earrings - Random Matter Behemoth Earrings [Silver] @ Lootbox
Crystal - Besom Crystal Pedulum [Onyx]

Lyl - In Purple 

Head - Catwa Catya
Skin - Glam Affair Barbara [Polar 3]
Eyes - Zombie Suicide Ostara Eye (5L Hunt Gift) @ Ostara's Altar
Ears - L'Etre Basic Mesh Ears
Eyebrows - Okkbye Adumbrate Eyebrows
Eyeliner - Alaskametro Baby Goth Palette
Lipstick - Alaskametro Glass Lipgloss
Hair - Stealthic Lithe
Nails - Dark Passions Lagertha's Saga @ Lootbox 


Head Chain - Keystone Vaika's Jewels [Silver]
Chokers - Random Matter Behemoth Choker [Black/Silver] @ Lootbox
Random Matter Behemoth Chain Choker [Silver] @ Lootbox
Necklace - Yummy True Believer Charm Necklace
Rings - Kibitz Night Hallow Ring Set [Silver]
Kibitz Nightmare Ring Set [Silver]
Dress - Oubliette Maia Dress @ Ostara's Altar

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