Lips - Top1Salon HD Omen Lipstick

The Rest

Head - Genus Strange W002
Skin - Pepe Pisces V2 [Moonbeam]
Hair - Bonbon Fuu Hair [Naturals]
Brows - Suicidal Unborn Sable Eyebrows
Eyes - Gloom Coven Collection the First Manifestation (gacha rare)
Facepaint - This Is Wrong Salem Makeup
Scars - TF Brawler
Nosebleed - Izzie's Bloody Nose
Piercing - Conviction Bento Piercing Set 01
Choker - Random Matter Hwasa Choker [Black]
Body Dirt - Clemmm Body Filth
Body Bruises - Duckie Kitten Bruises
Tattoo - Loveless Ink Omen
Hands - Clemmm Thrashed Hands
Nails - Conviction The Claws [Bruja]
Top - Dollle Long Sleeve Ripped 

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