How Long Will This Moment Wait...

Lyl will never be one for confinement, when they had her hard wired into the system she thought it would be a fun little game, but every game gets boring, some people just don't know when to enough is enough, in Lyl's experience those people are normally security guards *winks*

The Futurewave event ends tonight (23rd feb)! at 12 midnight SL time, had I actually done my research properly this blog would not have been so god awfully late but I don't regret the amount of time I've spent just loafing around there with Lyl's little butt parked in a chair on the viewing deck while I listened to the radio and bummed about in gimp. I for one wholeheartedly believe that there should be more cyber events in SL both in celebration of industrial and electro music and the amazing avis that come out of the imaginations of creators and bloggers alike.

The Outfit:


Skin - Belleza Lily v.2 Fair [3]
Eyes - By Snow Alienite
Hair - Adoness Toxaris [Pitch Black]
Hairbase - Tameless Trinity [Midnight]
Ears - Hebenon Vial Pierced Ears [Halloween]
Makeup - Madrid Solo Altered States [Russian Blue]
Pink Fuel Ink [Lipgloss Teeth]
Hands - SLink Avatar Enhancement Hands [Casual]
Nails - By Snow Circuit Natural (Futurewave 2014)


Catsuit - Sn@tch PVC Suit [Black]
Shoes - DRD Limited Boots (no longer available)


Piercings - Hebenon Vial Anonymous [Ink]
Mask - DRD Cyber Mask [Mono] (Futurewave 2014)
Collar - Happy Undead Charming Collar [Vinyl Black]
Armour - DRD Armor [Bluemetal]
Cables - DRD Cyborg Cables [with electricity] (Futurewave 2014)
Guns - Firebrand Arsenal Supply PP-19 Bison


Falling -  Monster's Ball Fuck 'Em Up #1 (coming soon)

Model Shots - Elephante Poses Lie To me #2, #4, #5 (Jack or Jill Hunt Item)


Tochigi Japan Cybercity

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