We Raise It Up, This Offering

The witches of the woodland are secretive creatures, it is said that they can be both benevolent and cruel whenever the mood may strike them, that squirrel is still alive, so I would say Lyl was having a good day ;D

The horns I am wearing have been my favourite thing to play with this week in outfits, the gacha contains two styles of horn, a more natural variety, banded with metal given a cloisonne effect that point forwards, and a more supernatural cracked ice/glass variety with cloisonne bands and dripping snowflake jewels. Both kinds of horn come with the ability to turn full bright on and off on the metal for any photography or role play needs, and the rare horns of each kind give you the ability to change the horn/band/metal/jewel colour to mix and match!

Yeah, they're hawt ;D please ignore the blanching on the skin, apparently I have reached the point of photo detail where you can see the creators map under the texture -.-' I will try to fix this in future posts but don't have time to re-take all of my photos where I have noticed it becoming a problem.

The Outfit:


Skin - Glam Affair Gemma 01 (The Arcade December 2013)
Eyes - Ikon Destiny Eyes [Maya]
Hair - Emo-tions Legolan [Blonde] (Fantasy Gacha Carnival February 2014)
Makeup - Glam Affair Gemma 01 Lipstick&Freckles (The Arcade December 2013)
Hands - SLink Avatar Enhancement Hands [Casual]
Dirty Feet - AE Slink Dirty Feet



Horns - Rivendale Winter Horns [Common: Banded Green] (Fantasy Gacha Carnival February 2014)
Necklace - The Forge Boadicea's Necklace [Rust] (Fantasy Gacha Carnival October 2013)
Epaulettes - Sweet Poison Daphnaie Epaulettes [LLight] (Fantasy Gacha Carnival February 2014)
Ring - On A Lark Talon Ring [Green/Gold] (Fantasy Gacha Carnival February 2014)
Staff - Roawen Wood Elementalist Staff [Water] (Fantasy Gacha Carnival February 2014)
Warhorn - Primus Raid Horn [Silver] (Fantasy Gacha Carnival February 2014)


Celtic Witch: ImpEle Staff Poses #10
Model Shots: ImpEle Staff Poses #10&#12


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