All They Do Around The Clock....

.... is the ritz roll and rock!

The Fantasy Gacha Fair is getting Retro with Heartistic's Gorgeous Rockabilly shoes!

Rather than being a little post-war bombshell I took one look at the shoes and decided they deserved a night at the cabaret as Lyl's tap shoes of choice. Dress rehearsals can be such a drag ;D

The Fantasy Gacha Carnival is due to open it's doors on May 4th (Yes I'm probably going to do a Star Wars Blog, nerds forever!) the theme this round is 'F', all things fashion, futuristic, fifties, you name an F word, it's probably in there. There are tons of amazing items coming up, be sure to check out the flikr feed for all the previews.

The Outfit:


Skin - Glam Affair Candy [04] (The Arcade Sept. 2013)
Eyes - Ikon Ardent Eyes [Pewter]
Hair - Truth video Games [Black - Rare] (The Arcade March. 2013)
Tattoo - Reckless GranDads Tattoo


Bra - Sn@tch Desire Latex Bra [Black] (The spring Sn@tch sale is on now! Grab anything you've had your eye on while the prices are low)
Knickers - !2b! Frills Panties [Black]
Stockings - AE Lace Stockings [Black]
Shoes - Heartistic Rockabilly Shoes [Red - Ultra Rare] (Fantasy Gacha Carnival May 2014)


Hat - Enfant Terrible Bowler Hat - Camden Market (The Arcade March 2014)
Piercings - The :Hebenon Vial: 'Anonymous' [Ink]
Cuffs & Collar - LWL Cuffs & Collars [Black Tie] (The Arcade June 2013)
Rings - Schadenfreude Simple Ring Trio


Dress Rehearsal: Y&R Madonna Pose Set [Walking Stick 2]
Model Shots: Focus Poses Pin-up Set 2 - [#1, #2]


No location this time, but another credit, the theatre pictured is a beautiful prefab available from Boudoir.

As you can see, even the common shoes are adorable and really sweet with the pastels, I know I'll be doing inappropriate things to this gacha as soon as I can get in there, rockabilly is one of my favourite styles for Lyl (last summer especially) so be prepared to see a couple more retro posts in future!

As a little p.s. I know I'm missing some older blogs I promised, they are still in the works but the new FGC items take priority over looks that are a few weeks old now.

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