I started this post without much vision as to where it would go, but I think it has a life all of its own now. I blame apocalyptica.

The Outfit:


Skin - Al Vulo Celestial Natural Milk (old TDRF item)
Hair - Faenzo Uffie [Natural Platinum] 1L
Hands - SLink [Elegant]
Feet - SLink [Flat]


Dress - 2Chez Lilith Open Leg Gown [White]
(comes with a black thong but it is modable)
Shoes - Yasum Steam Wings set item [Epic Snow] (Fantasy Gacha Carnival May 2014)


Headphones - Anc Tuner Headphones [Gold] (Fantasy Gacha Carnival May 2014)
Mask - Anc Tuner Speareye [Gold] (Fantasy Gacha Carnival May 2014)
Wings, Spine & Collar - Yasum Steam Wings [Epic Snow] (Fantasy Gacha Carnival May 2014)


Dancing - Monster's Ball Ascend#2
Model Shots -  Monster's Ball Attitude Models [Oh]

Please excuse my general crappiness in getting these up for sale, they will be out in store by some time next weekend, and a big ol' announcement post will come up then :D


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