I'm a bad'un...

... and a bad'un I shall stay!

Guess who's been watching Oliver.
I turned my dolly into a vampire Fagin, sorry not sorry.
Fell in LOVE with the frock coat and boots on offer at World Goth Fair courtesy of Dark Passions and Deadpool, and everyone here already knows my love for half shaved hairstyles, so Damselfly's 'Sindy' hair will likely be something that pops up in quite a few posts from now on.

For all landmarks please use the official fair website (linked by me anywhere you see WGF) as they have done a really awesome job of mapping the sims for you and even providing landmarks to all of the mainstores for the vendors, so if you find a brand you love as I have, its really easy to hop over to their store aswell and run around nabbing all the goodies!

The Outfit:


Skin - Jalwa Celine [Exclusive Purple] (WGF 2014)
Eyes - Chop Shop Universe In Your Eyes 100L (WGF 2014)
Hair - Damselfly Sindy [Tuxedo] (WGF 2014)
Hairbase - Tameless Trinity [Fades]
Ears - Hebenon Vial Pierced Ears [Halloween]
Mouth -  LoudMouth Brandee
Teeth - LoudMouth Vampire Teeth
Hands - SLink [Casual]
Nails - Dark Passions Koffin Nails [Shades Of Grey Gradients] 99L (WGF 2014)


Coat - Dark Passions Alvira Frock Coat [Purple] (WGF 2014)
Blouse - Rotten Toe Grimy Doll Blouse 50L
Boots - Deadpool Militia Boots (WGF 2014)


Eyepatch - The Forge Bandage Patch (old We <3 Roleplay Gift)
Necklace - LNS Designs Iron Cross [Purple] (WGF 2014)
Gloves - Plushberry Lace Fingerless Gloves [Black] 20L


 NanTra Promenade [#2] (WGF 2014)


No, you're not going mad, I'm now listing (wherever possible) items that are under 100L so you can spot cheapies and freebies more easily!
I blame Bishy, was her idea :P

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