A Quick Taste Of The Poison...

... a quick twist of the knife,
when the obsession with death,
the obsession with death becomes a way of life.

Playing around with my new bum! This time with offerings from the World Goth Fair (naturally) and The Dark Style Fair.

The Outfit:


Skin - Glam Affair Coral 03 [Arctic] (Collabor88 May 2014)
Eyes - Clemmm The Whites [Darker]
Hair - Spellbound Hecate [Monochrome] (The Dark Style Fair May 2014)
Makeup - Lovely Disarray Vampiric Manifestation [Brow&Eye] (The Dark Style Fair May 2014)
Nox Witchy Lip [Devil] 40L
Hands - SLink [Flat]
Bum - uLuckie Fitted Mesh Booty No.01
Feet - SLink [High]
Nails - Dark Passions Koffin Nails [Shades Of Grey Gradients] 99L (WGF 2014)
Tattoos - Nox Lucilla [Forehead] 25L
Kooqla Ghost Fingers


Harness - Spellbound Cult Harness [Black] (The Dark Style Fair May 2014)
Leggings - Forever Young High Waisted Leggings [Black] (The Dark Style Fair May 2014)
Heels - BowChicka Cruz Del Sur [Black/Black] (WGF 2014)


Horns - Pr!ck Wirehorn [Dark] (The Dark Style Fair May 2014)


Lean: Monster's Ball The Wall
Model Shots: Don't hate me but I can't remember D:
Took my photos in bulk for 3 blogs and completely forgot to write them down, will probably go through and amend this with the links when I find them at a later date <3


[NTAP!] Paint it black skybox

Look at mah butt, mah butt is amazin'
don't give it a lick... it probably doesn't taste like raisins.
And if you get that reference my lovelies you get a big fat gold star ;D

If theres one thing I HATE with a passion it is thigh gap. I thank the SL lawds that someone out there made a cute fitted mesh bum and legs with cartoon pin up girl proportions that actually fits well with my shapes.

I like it, *smashes cup* ANOTHER!

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