Let go for tonight baby...

Who needs sleep tonight?

I've had my fill of summer sun this week, everyone seems to be posting beautiful sunkissed images of sea, sand, and icecream, so we are going back to black, courtesy of The Nexus event, The Dreaming Tree, fi*friday, and The Gacha Mania.

TGM opens on the 15th of this month (Tuesday for lazy people like me who don't do dates) and Lyl is posing in one of the Insitu gacha skins, they are adorable, only 75L per play, and in three of the regular tones (A, B, and C), so though the gacha pulls do not come with appliers, you can simply use the appliers that come with the (still on 299L promo) Yuki tones, or snag them individually from the main store.



Skin - Insitu Ama [ton B - Moon] 75L @ The Gacha Mania (opens July 15th)
Eyes - Buzzeri Hime Eyes [Winter] 70L
Hair - Spellbound Lux [Unnatural Ombres & Dips] (The Dreaming Tree special)
Lips - LoudMouth Brandee
Teeth - LoudMouth Vampire Teeth
Hands - SLink [Casual]
Feet - SLink [High]


Lashes - Redgrave Hollywood
Lipstick - Nox Drama Lip [Soot]


Dress - u.f.o Supernova Suspender Dress [Bora Universe]
Heels - Cheeky Kayle Pumps [Black] 55L @ fi*friday


Bow - LaViere Candy Bow [Black] 10L
Choker - Aesthetica DripDrip [Black] 99L
RoboBaby - VN QTBot [Black] (The Arcade June 2014)
(main store coming soon!)


Bead Curtain - Kitty Moon Twinkle Curtain [Color] 100L @ The Nexus

These curtains actually twinkle.
There is no script in them.
Kitty is magic.
I am bad at gifs.

I tried Kitty! I'm sorry. Lmao <3

Gacha key!
Lyl is wearing number 5 ;D

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