Bum Love.

So.... I'm obsessed with this butt.

I wish we could do things like this in real life, I would be a strange amalgamation of awesome frankenstein bits, but since I can't, I'll settle for giving Lyl a regular extreme makeover :P

I usually HATE writing wordy blogs but I'm going to waffle at you for a while mmkay? No? Suck it up. ;D
Still at the World Goth Fair and I feel I have to talk about the awesome music scene over at the Gothika mobile unit on the Cursed sim at WGF.
Listening to BCreative Wilde (also the designer behind the gorgeous Dark Passions store), and Alisa Perne (of the awesome Sweet & Sinful blog we follow) playing their sets while editing my blog was the most fun I've had in SL for a little while now, just watching local chat, listening to some old and some new music and being introduced to some things I hadn't even heard before has been awesome.
Though world goth day has passed there are still DJ events going on, and its a wonderful opportunity to soak in some fun chat, some excellent music, and to donate to an awesome cause. I've mentioned previously the Sophie Lancaster Foundation and its mission to prevent hate crime in the UK, but what we haven't told you is why this is important. Sophie Lancaster was beaten to death attempting to protect her boyfriend and herself from a brutal attack, the motivation for this attack was simply how they were dressed. Because someone chose to dislike the way two people expressed themselves through a fashion choice, they felt the need to physically harm them.

 Its akin to someone shooting you because you wore shoes they didn't like.

Hate crime is unacceptable in any society. World Goth Fair exists to benefit the foundation which aims prevent hate crime by eliminating the root cause, by teaching people to respect one another and their differences, it also ensures that anyone who may be at risk of becoming a victim of hate crime is protected by law. The initial push was for awareness and legal change, but now there are even wider reaching implications, through political connections the UK's message, and Sophie's message, on hate crime is spreading, from the European Union to the United Nations.
With all of the worthy causes out there it can seem confusing and intimidating to know which one to pick or support, but I say spread the love, you don't need to spend a fortune, you don't need to donate a kidney, wandering around the three sims at WGF you can donate without even feeling it by buying any of the amazing donation items from the creators, dropping some change into the donation gachas, or tipping any of the smiley jars all around the sims.

TLDR: Music and people at Gothika are good. Donate at WGF and buy shines.


Now back to our usual programming.

The Outfit:


Skin - Kre-ations Dark Side Of The Moon Cyber (group gift)
Eyes - Chop Shop Hollowed [Red] (WGF 2014)
Hair - Alice Project Demonia [Infinity]
Hands - SLink [Relaxed]
Nails - By Snow Circuit Carbon 50L
Boobs - Deviant/Titania's Court Lush Breasts 1.4
Bum - uLuckie Fitted Mesh Booty No.01


Bodysuit - Gallactic Enyo [Red] (WGF 2014)
Boots - Asphyxia Nitroplasm


Collars - MV IlliadCorp Halfmask [Onyx]
Gallactic Enyo Collar [Red] (WGF 2014)
Arm Guards - FK! Cyber Femme Arm Guards


Late: Monster's Ball Leg It #1
Model Shots: Again, I failed completely in writing these poses down and so can not link them here at the moment, I will try to add them at a later date :)


Insilico North

These eyes are so awesome I had to do a close-up of them. I think Chop Shop is fast becoming one of my favourite eye stores along with By Snow, Dead Apples, and Clemmm they're a little hidden gem.
Yes Lyl's eyeballs are very small, I like them, they make her look evil, not so good for showing off eyeball detail.... eh,deal with it :P

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