The B*tch Is Back

If you want a job done right, sometimes you have to get your hands dirty.

A massive welcome to one of our newest sponsors Wretch!
I'm discovering that more often than not boots are what inspire me towards character creation for Lyl and her various incarnations. She has always been a bit of a hardass, my tiny pixel Barbie, one of her first skins had some fairly massive, if glittery, facial scarring, so I took her back to her origins with some heavy duty battle scars (I'd tell you you should see the other guys, but I'm not sure where Lyl buried them) and these kick ass boots from Wretch (only 299L and available in 6 colours).



Skin - PumeC Vlada [Spring] 0L (store gift, appliers included!)

Eyes - Dead Apples Thunder Eyes [Electric] (no longer available)
Hair - Adoness Areto [Pitch Black]
Hairbase - Tameless Buzzed Hairbase (part of the Trinity hair pack)
Hands - SLink [Casual]


Facial Wounds - Eternal Darkness Scar Liner [Bruised and Scar] 75L

Body Scars - La Baguette Battle Ruins Tattoo
Bite&Claw Lycan Attack - Savaged [Scar] 99L
Bruised Hands - Clemmm Damaged Hands 99L
Nails - Dark Passions Koffin Nails Chipped Nails 50L @ in store sale!
(The Dark Passions sale was supposed to end on the 31st so get in there while you can!)


Top - DRBC Gia Bomb Harness 100L

Skirt - DRBC Lulu Mini 100L
Panties - Epic Basic Black Panties
(probably an old hunt or event gift as I can't see them in store D:)
Boots - Wretch Spiked Boots [Black]


Piercings - Hebenon Vial Anonymous [Ink]

Collar - Happy Undead Charming Collar [Vinyl Black]
Bracelets - DRD Chained Bracelet 2
DRD Cute Bracelet (very old item, possibly in the outlet store)
DRD Limited Collection Bracelets (no longer available)
Knuckles - Epic Arsenal Brass Knuckles [Metal] 100L
Chain - Tabou Irresistible Punnisher Hand Chain [Silver]
(gacha yet to be placed at store)


The B*tch Is Back: Elephante Poses Man Of The Hour

My City, My Rules: Monster's Ball Duck & Cover
Model Shots: (don't hit me, I can't remember D:)


The City - Virtual Decay

Turn that bass up. Turn it up LOUD.

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