Who You Callin' A Ho?

"Yo, Ho, Ho"
"Oh I KNOW You're not talkin' to me"
*brawling ensues*

If there is one thing you don't do in life as a pirate, punching Davy Jones in the face is it, but unfortunately, Bishy has a wild side when you get enough rum into her system, and Davy does have a bad case of wandering tentacles.
The only thing that could get us out of this mess was a small act of burglary on Johnny Depp, a very lucky jar of dirt, an airship, and one very ill mannered monkey.

There are three things Munkeh hates: people who make fun of his name, people who talk badly about his mother (she was a lovely animal and never once threw poop at Blackbeard, Munkeh doesn't care what you heard), and when drunken idiots start impersonating him.

Dread Pirate 'Rummy' Lyl:


Skin - The Skinnery Chloe 1 [Honey] (gacha RARE)
Eyes - Dead Apples Thunder [Electric] (no longer available)
Clemmm The Whites
Hair - LeLutka Serena [IrishRed]
Scars - ::ED:: Scar Liner [Scar Only] 75L
Hands - The Mesh Project [Relaxed] 0L
(style hud comes with the shopping hud at the store and comes pre-loaded with prettymuch all the skin tones and wrist sizes you could ever need)
Feet - The Mesh Project [Bare]
Bum - uLuckie Fitted Mesh Booty No.01


Vest - Pixicat Crew Vest [White] 75L @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Leggings - Forever Young High Waisted Leggings [Black] 


Hat - Pure Poison Turbant Hat 50LFantasy Gacha Carnival (RARE)
Earrings - ieQED Pirate Hoop Earring [Piece Of Eight] 50LFantasy Gacha Carnival
Necklace - Pixicat Captain's Necklace 75L Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Armbands - Aisling Tortuga Princess [Armband] 50L Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Bracers - May's Soul Thor Revenge Girl [Cuff Black/Gold] 50L Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Tankard - AleyMart! Pirate Grog Tankard 0L
Sword - Torvis Weapons Persian Blade 100L
Legwarmers - Aisling Tortuga Princess [Legwarmer] 50L Fantasy Gacha Carnival


RumPunch: Annomis Funny 0L
Monkey See Monkey Do: Elephante Poses Five Little Monkeys
Model Shots: CnS e-motion Jack or Jill (previous hunt gift)
Elephante Poses Man Of The Hour

Don't stare at Bishy's scurvy sores, How do you think I lost this eye huh?
I told her we needed lemons, but she kept insisting the only thing she needed was lime with her tequila.

The Scurvy Wench Bishy:


Skin: Skin - Insitu - Alice (tone b)
Eyes - Ikon - Ascension eyes (sahara)
Hands - SLink [Casual]
Hair - [LCKY] - Drugs [Neutral]
Eyebrows - .random.matter. - severity eyebrows


Eyebags - .random.matter. - perfectly flawed eyebags 2 90L
Face sores - -UtopiaH- - My disaster face @ Suicide Dollz
Body sores - -UtopiaH- - Infected rash tattoo @ Suicide Dollz


Skirt - <3 Heartistic - Ultra Rare Black 75LFantasy Gacha Carnival
Vest - -Pixicat- Crew.Vest - Black 75LFantasy Gacha Carnival
Shirt - EMO-tions Feel Blouse White 99L
Stockings - Rotten Toe - plain moth stockings 80L
 Boots - lassitude & ennui Assassin boot - black


Necklace - Alchemy - Pirate Necklace - Gold 100L Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Hat - Pure Poison - Feather Pirate Hat 50L @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Eyepatch - Bombard Black Eyepatch 10L
Ring - ieQED pirate.doubloon.ring 50LFantasy Gacha Carnival
Bracers - [Tia] Mjolnir  - Wrist Gold 30L (gacha)

Parrot - -Pixicat- Parrot (Green) 75L Fantasy Gacha Carnival


Feature Images: Expressive Poses Moa 0L
Posed: BelleBody - Love Skulls 75L


Airships - Rivendale Display Ships 50L Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Large: Ether Balloon Blue (common)
Small: Black Pearl Silver (RARE)
(barrels, chest, monkey, and jar of dirt not included, wearable version only from gacha)

We would like to make a direct thank you to our amazing sponsor Riven, the creator of the mini airships, who, when we asked if we could have one blown up to sit on, not only obliged, but came over to scale it for us!
We love you Riveypants! <3

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