My Clockwork Heart

Of all the things that a woman could replace about herself, her heart has to be the most tempting. Fleshy, fallible, and foolish, who could stand a human heart for long?

Because you're looking for something everyone finds,
and all that keeps going 'round in your mind,
is things still aren't right but right now they can't be wrong.

More goodies from A Clockwork Spiral!
If you haven't been yet, stop freaking dawdling jeez, it ends today (1st October)!



Skin - Al Vulo Salina Dolly [Milk] @ The Dressing Room Fusion

Eyes - Fallen Gods Inc. Rust Eyes (part of full avatar set) @ A Clockwork Spiral 2014
Hair - Little Bones Rabbit Heart [Ombre&Roots]
Hands - SLink [Flat]
Feet - SLink [Mid]


Nails - Dark Passions Koffin Nails [Rivets&Steam] @ A Clockwork Spiral 2014


Top - The Plastik Malchia Corset [Sacred]

Arm Warmers - The Plastik Catori Warmers [Noir] (part of the Pitch set)
Skirt - The Plastik Tyrant Skirt [Pitch] (part of the Pitch set)
Shoes - Ison Gladiator Sandals [Black]


Optical Implant - Souzou Eien Oculus Optics [Right] @ A Clockwork Spiral 2014

Necklace - Bliensen + Maitai Luminiferous Dragonfly Necklace @ A Clockwork Spiral 2014
Clockwork Heart - Grim Bros Copper Heart
Tesla Fairy - Rivendale Tesla Fairy [Raven] (gacha rare)


Clockwork Heart: Monster's Ball Introspect

Model Shots: Pose+ivity Kayla
[CA] Cassidy
(currently relocating!)


Apartment - Apple Fall New York Studio Apartment

Sofa - 22769 Bauwerk The Vintage Chesterfield @ A Clockwork Spiral 2014
Chair - 22769 Bauwerk Tufted Armchair @ A Clockwork Spiral 2014
Piano - Steaming Ahead Steam Piano
Coffee Table - Digs Dalkeith Tufted Coffee Table
Lamp - 22769 Bauwerk Industrial Floor Lamp @ A Clockwork Spiral 2014
Rug - 22769 Bauwerk Around The World In One Day Rug @ A Clockwork Spiral 2014
Trunk - Chaos Panic & Disorder Steamer Trunk
(I think this was an old hunt gift, I have no idea, its in a folder marked 'awesome steamy stuff', I'm so organised lol)
Laptop - BlakOpal Designs Steam Book Pro [Sepia]
Bell Jar - Chaos Panic & Disorder Heart in Bell Jar A Clockwork Spiral 2014
Books - Mesh Full Perm Old Books Collection
Sculpture - 22769 Bauwerk Clef @ A Clockwork Spiral 2014

These nails are so versatile for texture in pretty much any fantasy roleplay, I have a little elf who I can see using gold and silver tips on her wooden nails :P

Sorry about the stolen vendor image! There was no way I could fit all the options into a film strip and I love them all so much I couldn't pick favourites!

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