Never Again

"He was so great at first, you know?
This flashy guy in his hot car; sure beat sitting in some stupid classroom... we get married and I find out what he's lookin' for is a maid he doesn't have to pay... I feel so stupid."

"Yeah, well, I definitely got plans for Leo."

Yes, more Twin Peaks dolly cosplay <3
I loved Shelly, she was one of my favourite characters, even though she was a beaten wife she was never a stereotype, rather than being cowed down and small she stands up for herself where she can, continually undermining Leo's control of her through a pretty public affair, co-operation with the police, and even attempted murder.
She's my kinda gal ;D


Skin - Kooqla Malvi [T3/Dark Brows] @ The Skin Fair
Hair - Soonsiki Shelly [Browns] 88L @ Collabor88
Hair Base - Exile Hairbase [Sable] 0L (marketplace only)
Eyes - Dead Apples Shattered [Atlantis] 69L
Hands - SLink [Casual] [Elegant]
Feet - SLink [Flat]


Beauty Marks - Kooqla Malvi Face Marks The Skin Fair (part of skin pack)
Black Eye - Muse Nose Job [Faded/Left Side] 30L (tinted)


Cardigan - Pixicat Woodland Cardigan [Black] @ Collabor88
Jeans - Lady Fakessi Boyfriend Jeans [Dark Wash/Original] 199L
Shoes - Emporium Gabi Flats 100L


Gun - Okari Walther 10L
Rings - ieQED Laura Ring Set [Obsidian] Collabor88


Plans - ColdAmbitionz Teyana
Model Shots - ColdAmbitionz Teyana
Curvosity Handy Poses 75L


Little Pricks

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