Wrong Turn

She wanted to teleport somewhere hot and exotic. Fire to the face wasn't what she had in mind.. Luckily she had been shopping that day for her visit to comic con so the dragon didn't stand a chance.

Goodies from Invader, Neverwish and Soonsiki <3

Yes, the dragons shadow does look like Mary Poppins.. 
Moving on! 


Skin: The Sugar Garden - Baby (a tone)
Body: Maitreya (Lara)
Hair: Soonsiki - 270L or 350L for essentials Shameless
Eyebrows: Moon - After it all


Lips: The Sugar Garden - Gumii


Bodysuit: Invader - Geneviere Bodysuits (Onxy) 100 @ 50 Shades of Lust Fair
Socks: Atomic - Slouchy Socks
Shoes: Flite - Outsiders (gacha) No Longer Sold


Sword: Neverwish - Dreamer Sword 100L @ Totally Top Shelf
Portal: Neverwish - Teleportal (red) 100L @ Level Up!
Belt: Neverwish - Faun Belt 75L @ Totally Top Shelf
Bag: Neverwish - Controller Purse 30L (gacha) @ Level Up!
Ring: Neverwish - Necklace & Ring (ruby) 75L
Glasses: NS - 8 Bits Sunglasses @ Cosmopolitan
Dragon: DRD - Dragon hand black (gashashow exclusive) (no longer sold)


 Mien - Valkyrias


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