Being Pretty Is A Job.

Collabor88 has gone punk for April, providing the perfect aesthetic for Lyl & Bishy's musical endeavour.
Our new band is a synergy of electro synth pop, dubstep, and screamcore.
Don't question it.
Just get lost in the soothing sounds of robot murder.

Don't worry! You're safe, we aren't going to harm your poor darling little ear parts with our musical efforts, mainly out of service to the world at large, if anyone could find the brown sound and abuse it, it would be us ;P

Lyl - Yellow


Skin - The Skinnery Marni [Mocca/13] (gacha common)
Eyes - Buzzeri Elysium Eyes [Hazel]
Hair - Blues Zendaya [Naturals 2] @ The Season's Story
Hairbase - Exile Basic Hairbases [Sable] 0L
Body - Maitreya [Lara]
Feet - Slink [High]


Suit - David Heather Melbourne Suit [Yellow] @ Collabor88
Shoes - Le Primitif Pigalle High Pumps [Chrome] (no longer available)


Glasses - Pure Poison Hipsteria Glasses [Vengeance] (gacha rare)
Piercing - Hebenon Vial Anonymous [Ink]


ColdAmbitionz Teyana 

Bishy - Pink


Skin - Aya Zoey [Oak Buff]
Eyes - Ikon Charm Eyes [Hazel]
Hair - Moon Timble
Hairbase - The Skinnery Innocence Hairbase

Body - Maitreya [Lara]
Feet - Slink [High]


Brows - Moon After It All

Lashes - Koketka  V20 50L
Lips - The Sugar Garden Sparkle Lips Gumii


Suit - David Heather Melbourne Suit [Pink] @ Collabor88
Shoes - Reign Partition [Bubblegum]


Piercing - Random Matter Orianthi Nose Chain
Necklace - Schadenfreude Pearls and Skulls @ Collabor88
Glasses - David Heather Herisse Sunglasses [Pink] @ Collabor88


Ploom Push


Clemmm Studio Skybox @ Xiasumi School Festival

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