Cupid Carries a Gun

Pound me the witch drums
The witch drums
Better pray for hell, not halleluja

The 100 Block has begun with adorable half price creepy ouija goodness from Dark Passions, you know what that means lovelies? That means you can snag the shirt and the matching nails for less than the normal price of the top!

Credits time!




Skin - Aya Zoey [Angel Food/Natural] (available in fatpack 5999L)
Hair - Spellbound Medusa [Monochromes]
Eyes - Suicidal Unborn Bastet [Silver] 0L (group gift 300L join fee)
Body - Maitreya [Lara]
Hands - SLink [Casual] [Flat]


Tattoo - Nox Ethereal 100L
Eye Liner - Cotton Candy Monster Black Cat Eyeliners [Double] 30L
Lipstick - Dazed Eysha Lips [Raven] @ AnyBody
Nails - Dark Passions Koffin Nails [Melting Spirit Pastel] 50L @ The 100 Block


Top - Dark Passions Carmen [Melting Spirit Pastel] 100L @ The 100 Block
Shorts - Lady Fakessi High Waist Acid Denim Shorts [Black] 69L
Socks - [77] Gartered Socks (no longer available)
Boots - Happy Undead Wannabe Demon Boots [Vinyl Black/Purple350L


Horns - Half Deer Aventine Horns [LeyeLAC] 75L (gacha common)
Collar - Happy Undead Charming Collar [Vinyl Black] 150L
Sparkles - Baby Magical Glitter [Star Sparkle] 35L
Tail - Hyperborea Devil Tail [Black]


Summoned - Label Motion Hunt Gift 10L (in a bumper pack of old gifts at the counter)
Model Shots - Fudge Gift 0L
Label Motion Jewellery Poses


Lustrage Cast A Spell

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