If you've lost your unicorn..

... we might have killed it.

Look, person, you left a perfectly good unicorn in some magical field or what not, and expected us not to arrive and plunder the area? What you need is a fence, or appropriate signage. You can't always blame 'evil witches' for you being careless with your property. Witches need shoes too you know.

Black Fashion Fair is open! that means you can trot on down and snag gorgeous Unicorn nails from Dark Passions! They are available as both SLink and Maitreya appliers and are only 80L for the duration of the event.

Bish in white


Skin - Birdy Ali [Pure] 1L (Group Gift)
Body - Maitreya [Lara]
Hands - SLink [Flat] [Casual]
Feet - SLink [High]

Eyes -  Dead Apples Marble [Silver]
Hair - Moon Tourniquet [B&W]
Brows - Random Matter Ashri Brows
Freckles - Fakessi Freaky Freckles (gift) 1L


Manicure - Dark Passions Koffin Nails Dark Unicorn [Slink] @ Black Fashion Fair
Eye Makeup - La Malvada Mujer Lily Eyeshadow
Tattoo (Upper Body) - Reckless Nile @ N21
Tattoo (Leg) - Reckless Cole @ Black Fashion Fair


Bodysuit - Fakessi - Iggy White Bikini - Includes Omega/Slink/tmp appliers. 69L
Shoes - Violent Seduction Unicorn Shoes [White]


Gems - Lustrage Akemi Gems [Darker]
Bracelet - Luxe. Ekstrax Bangles [Black]
Purse - Luxe. Unicorn Clutch [Snow] (includes 2 poses)
Hat - Violent Seduction Strega Hat [White] @ Kustom9 (gacha) 69L
Nose Chain - Random Matter Orianthi Nose Chain [Black]
Body Chain - Noodles Hanna body chain [Black] @ N21
Thigh Chain - Noodles Side Thigh Chain The Wayward Hunt 0L


Luxe. Unicorn Clutch includes poses. Bish used Pose 1 in main picure and pose 1 and 2 in the close up.

Close up Hand & Shoes - Label Motion Hunt Gift #8 1L

Lyl in Black


Skin - Glam Affair Coral [Asia/03] (50% off sale on now!!)
Hair - Little Bones Aqua [Black & White] @ N21
Eyes - Dead Apples Thunder [Electric] (no longer available)
Body - Maitreya [Lara]
Hands - SLink [Flat] [Elegant1]
Feet - SLink [High]


Tattoo - Nox Eira Circlet 60L
Brows - Random Matter Ashri Brows 50L (tinted)
Eye Liner - Flirt Rawr 1L
Pink Acid Party Liner [White] (no longer available)
Lipstick - A.Kouly Lipstick #14 [2] (no longer available)
Nails - Dark Passions Koffin Nails [Dark Unicorn] 80L @ Black Fashion Fair


Bodysuit - DirtyMind Milja Bodysuit [Black]
Shoes - Pixicat Unicorn Heel [Black/White]


Necklace - Yummy Divining Crystals Necklace
Bangles - Chary Gaia [Black] (no longer available)
Ring - Random Matter Ariadne ring [Black]
Clutch - Luxe Unicorn Clutch [Silver]


Aftermath - ColdAmbitionz Cassidy
Model shots - ColdAmbitionz Cassidy
Label Motion Jewellery Poses


David Heather

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