Project #749

Project Log

Day 81:

The subject has proven elusive. I have captured the majority of the immature faelings. They seem sullen and argumentative, they have been given more air holes in the jars. I hope to keep them alive long enough to perform the blood and organ tests.
Replicated fae nymph crop sickly.

Day 82:

Strange wisp creatures are spawning around the faelings, they seem harmless, will monitor their activity and progress in separate log file #19.
Replicated fae nymph crop has resumed growth, bioluminescence increasing, transferred to simulated habitat.

Day 83:

The subject has been captured. The greater faeling's presence seems to have turned the wisp creatures an odd shade of purple while further agitating the immature faelings. May be forced to reduce air supply to ensure compliance.

Bishy the Fairy


Skin - Kooqla Bisquit [Pure 01]
Eyes - Ikon Charm Eyes [Oxidation]
Ears - Mandala Fantasy Elf Ears
Body - Maitreya [Lara]
Hair - D!va Mayumi [Brown, Type A]


 Tears - Cotton Candy Monster Don't leave me crying 50L


Dress - Tee*fy Flutter Dress [Pink]


Necklace - Kitty Moon Dash of hope Luekimia @ Fantasy Faire
Bracelet - Una Arhi Bracelet [Gold] (gacha, common) 50L
Wings - Una Arhi big wings (gacha, rare) 50L
Branch - May's Soul - Branch (gacha, Rare) 60L


oOo Studio Super #1
Lyl the Mad Scientist



Skin - Aya Ella [Applesauce Cake/Natural] (available in the fatpack)
Eyes - Buzzeri Elysium [Hazel]
Hair - Truth Laurie [Black&Whites]
Body - Maitreya [Lara]
Hands - SLink [Relaxed]


Brows - Random Matter Misery Brows 35L (tinted)
Wrinkles - Izzie's Hangover Face Tattoos [Anger Wrinkles]
Lashes - Aya Ella Lower Eyelash (part of skin pack)


Jacket - Coco Equestrian Jacket [Green]
Pants & Boots - Coco Riding Boots [Two Tone A]


Hat - Europa Pith Helmet 100L (cheaper in store 150L on marketplace)
Glasses - Buzzeri Kaleido Glasses [Black]
Net - Nyandemonium Butterfly Net 20L (modified)


Monster's Ball Leg It (no longer available)


Isle Of Grace

Welcome to the Lab!


Skin - Aya Ella [Applesauce Cake/Natural] (available in the fatpack)
Eyes - Buzzeri Elysium [Hazel]
Hair - Truth Laurie [Black&Whites]
Body - Maitreya [Lara]
Hands - SLink [Relaxed]


Brows - Random Matter Misery Brows 35L (tinted)
Wrinkles - Izzie's Hangover Face Tattoos [Anger Wrinkles]
Lashes - Aya Ella Lower Eyelash (part of skin pack)


Coat - Corvus Pea Coat [White] 100L
Pants - Addam's Suit Pants With Belt [Black]
Shoes - Garbaggio Mid Pumps 0L (pack of 3 for all SLink foot heights)


Goggles - Obscure Wayfarer Goggles 99L
Gloves - Ama Medical Gloves 49L


Unslutty and Undead Game Show Hostess Poses 0L


Rivendale Fairy Habitat 250L @ Fantasy Faire
Rivendale Will'O Wisp Purple 75L Fantasy Faire
Culprit Cryo Tank
DRD Lab PT# 52-6b Insulator 50L (gacha common)
DRD Lab Shelves 50L (gacha common)
DRD Lab Science flasks 50L (gacha common)
DRD Lab PT# 52-6b Power Globe 50L (gacha common)
DRD Lab Voltage Panel 50L (gacha common)
DRD Lab Operating Table 50L (gacha rare)
Nomad Surgical Instruments 75L (gacha common)
Ohmai Gerbera Fairy Clipboard (no longer available)
Soy Old Laboratory Chair
Soy Old Laboratory Table
Soy Siphon of Dr.CoffeeStrangelove
Soy Cup of Dr.CoffeeStrangelove
Melon Bunny Jar of Dirt 80L (gacha common)
Melon Bunny Fairy Graveyard 80L (gacha uncommon)
Vespertine Specimen Set 50L (gacha common)
Vespertine Terrarium 50L (gacha common)
Vespertine Lost and Found 50L (gacha common)
Vespertine Beetle Collector 1 50L (gacha common)
Vespertine Butterfly Collector 50L (gacha common)
Vespertine Moth Collector 50L (gacha common)
Vespertine Beetle Collector 2 50L (gacha common)
Keke Alchemist Notes 50L (gacha rare)
Keke Alchemist Elements - Fire 50L (gacha common)
Keke Alchemist Elements - Quintessence 50L (gacha common)
Keke Alchemist Elements - Air 50L (gacha common)
Keke Alchemist Elements - Earth 50L (gacha common)
Keke Alchemist Elements - Water 50L (gacha common)
Nomad Microscope 75L(gacha common)
Keke Curiosity Bell Jar - Egg 50L (gacha common)
Keke Curiosity Jar - Eyeballs 50L (gacha common)
Vespertine Golden Hand 50L(gacha common)
Vespertine Mechanical Flower 50L (gacha common)
Ohmai Fairy Terrariums (no longer available)
Clemmm Studio Skybox

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