We've gone all arty farty with tons more items from Whimsical!
Including Cureless & Moon AmoreNoxMonsIndented, and Nefarious Inventions!
We also have on offerings from Chop Shop and Dark Passions at the current round of the Thrift Shop, and Neverwish's item for this month's round of 20Twenty!



Skin - Mudskin Juicy Bell [Mandarin/Sunny] (gacha rare)
Hair - Olive The Daisy Hair [Sugar] (gacha common) 75L
Hairbase - The Skinnery Curly Hairbase (group gift 200L join fee) 0L
Eyes - Chop Shop Lae [Crystal] (gacha common) @ Thrift Shop 50L
Brows - Arise Sally Brows
Liner - Pink Acid Metallic Eyeliner [Pink/White] (n/a - old store gift)
Sparkles - Hariboo Twinkle Makeup
Lashes - Lovely Alien Starry Eyelashes
Lips - Loudmouth Brandee
Nails - Dark Passions Koffin Nails Love Scorned [SLink] @ Thrift Shop 50L each 138L fatpack
Moles - Beusy Full Body Moles (omega appliers) 250L
Tattoo - Hariboo Dream Space Tattoo


Jacket - Cureless & Moon Amore Sour Candy Patched Vest (gaha rare) @ Whimsical 75L
Bra & Shorts - Pixicat Siren [Green/Nr2/Maitreya] (gacha common) 75L
Shoes - Reign Coastal Plats [White] (marketplace only) 75L


Earrings - Nox Laser Cut [Lightening] (gacha common) @ Whimsical 25L
Choker - Mons See You Choker [Silver] @ Whimsical 200L
Drink - Cureless & Moon Amore Boy Tears (gacha rare) Whimsical 75L


Main - Exposeur February 2016 Gift 0L
Close Ups - Exposeur February 2016 Gift 0L
Curvosity Handy Poses 75L
Vix Yes That's My Butt 60L



Skin - VCO Benny
Lips - VCO Benny Lips
Hair - Lamb. Treat Her Better
Eyeliner - .Embw. Snow Eyeliner

Lashes - Lovely Alien Starry Eyelashes

Eyebrows - Aii black and white fantasy brows 
Nails - Dark Passions Koffin Nails Sequin Hearts [SLink] @ #Trending 100L each 275L fatpack
Face Tattoo - #Suruki Face tattoo Eyeball (gacha common) @ Hentai Fair 59L
Leg Tattoo - Antielle Cute but Psycho


Jacket - Cureless & Moon Amore Sour Candy Patched Vest (gaha rare) Whimsical 75L
Boots - Sweet Thing. Cyber Stompers [Purity] @ The Kawaii Project


Choker - Neverwish Zee Spiked Collar [Pastel] @ 20Twenty 160L
Drink - Cureless & Moon Amore Boy Tears (gacha rare) Whimsical 75L

Pose - Label Motion Paola


Indented Whimsical Taxi (gacha rare) Whimsical 75L
Indented Whimsical Big Phone [Blue & Pink] (gacha commons) Whimsical 75L
Indented Whimsical Princess [Blue & Pink] (gacha commons) Whimsical 75L
Nylon Outfitters Boat Cat Vase [Yellow Dots] (gacha common) 50L
Nylon Outfitters CopyCat Art [Marilyn Meow] (gacha common) 50L
Half Deer Don't Cry Over Spilled Paint (tinted)
Vive Atelier Artist's Easel With Canvas (gacha common) 25L
Vive Atelier Artist's Jumbo Covered Canvas (gacha common)
Vive Atelier Artist's Sketch Book (gacha common)
Atooly <3 Butts
Nefarious Inventions On The Gough [Blue & Green & Pink] (gacha commons) Whimsical 50L
Nefarious Inventions Oversize Paint Brush Decor Whimsical 299L
Kalopsia Aloe Plaster [Pink] (gacha common) The Gacha Garden 25L
Kalopsia Cloudy Frithia [Grey] (gacha common) The Gacha Garden 25L
Kalopsia Tainted Palm [Blue & Pink] (gacha rare) @ The Gacha Garden 25L
Soy Easel
Lil Big Me Paint Prank Kit 25L

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