Sucker Love

Whimsical has landed! With tons of epic brands there is bound to be something gorgeous for you to take home. Bishy & Lyl are wearing offerings from Cerberus XingAisling, and Lovey Dovey, with a beautiful lounger from Stockholm&Lima!
Violent Seduction have also hit the Hentai Fair with our badass tentacle heels <3 and Chop Shop are over at the Thrift Shop with an eye gacha that contains some seriously awesome colours!

Bishy (right)

Skin - VCO Benny
Eyes - Whatever Limited Eyes (n/a)
Eyeliner - .Embw. Snow Eyeliner
Lashes - Lovely Alien Starry Eyelashes
Eyebrows - Aii black and white fantasy brows
Bruises - Clemmm Damaged Knees
Tongue - Cerberus Xing Tongue Tied @ Whimsical 200L
Face Tattoo - Suruki Hentai Tattoo (gacha common) @ Hentai Fair 59L
Hair - Moon Code Uma [B&W] @ Collabor88 (prices vary on pack type)


Lingerie - Aisling Nina [Black] @ Whimsical 263L
Shoes - Violent Seduction Kraken Heels [White] (SLink high fitted, resize scripted) Hentai Fair 200L


Arm Bands - Vincue & Kibitz Mizu Arm [Maitreya/Snow] (gacha common) @ Hentai Fair 76L
Hat - Vincue & Kibitz Mizu Hat [Noir] (gacha common) @ Hentai Fair 76L
Garter - The Horror Tease Garters [White] 115L
Collar - Nox Cthulhu's Grip [Black] @ Hentai Fair 50L
Heart - Evermore. The Scythe Rune 


Main and close ups - Bez Curves package

Lyl (left)

Skin - VCO Vivi's Makeup Recipe [No.04] (gacha common)
Eyes - Chop Shop Lae [White] (gacha common) @ Thrift Shop 50L
Hair - Lovey Dovey Angie [Natural Ombre] (gacha common) @ Whimsical 75L
Brows - Arise Sally Brows
Lashes & Liner - Lovely Alien Starry Eyelashes 50L
Eye Bags - Arise Eye Bags
Freckles - Random Matter Perfectly Flawed Freckles & Moles 90L
Blush - BBB Soft Blush (tinted) 10L
Lips - VCO Peach Smile
Hand Bruises - Clemmm Damaged Hands
Nails - Dark Passions Koffin Nails [Tentacle or Treat] (gacha common) 50L
Sucker Marks - Nox Octo Hickies @ Hentai Fair 75L
Leg Bruises - Clemmm Damaged Knees


Lingerie - Aisling Nina [Black] @ Whimsical 263L
Shoes - Violent Seduction Kraken Heels [Black] (SLink high fitted, resize scripted) @ Hentai Fair 200L


Choker - Nox Cthulhu's Grip [Black] @ Hentai Fair 50L
Arm Bands - Vincue & Kibitz Mizu Arm [Maitreya/Noir] (gacha common) @ Hentai Fair 76L
Ring - Nomad Tentacle Ring


Main - oOo Studio Boudoir
Close Ups - Voir Sweet Shy Poses


Glam Affair Tomoto Skybox [Concrete] (gacha rare)
Nomad Tentacle Wall Decor
22769 Bauwerk Kraken End Table [Black] @ Hentai Fair
22769 Bauwerk Naughty Decoration Set @ Hentai Fair
22769 Bauwerk Candlehouse
The Horror Amore Collection
Stockholm&Lima Lover's Lounge (50% off adult versions) @ Whimsical 600L PG 1000L Adult

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